fletcher.algorithms.string module

fletcher.algorithms.string.apply_binary_str(a: Union[pyarrow.lib.Array, pyarrow.lib.ChunkedArray], b: Union[pyarrow.lib.Array, pyarrow.lib.ChunkedArray], *, func: Callable, output_dtype, parallel: bool = False)

Apply an element-wise numba-jitted function on two Arrow columns.

The supplied function must return a numpy-compatible scalar. Handling of missing data and chunking of the inputs is done automatically.

fletcher.algorithms.string.get_utf8_size(first_byte: int)
fletcher.algorithms.string.shift_unaligned_bitmap(valid_buffer: pyarrow.lib.Buffer, offset: int, length: int) → pyarrow.lib.Buffer

Shift an unaligned bitmap to be offsetted at 0.